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Wrap Colored Aluminum Coil
  • Wrap Colored Aluminum Coil
  • Wrap Colored Aluminum Coil
  • Wrap Colored Aluminum Coil
  • Wrap Colored Aluminum Coil
  • Wrap Colored Aluminum Coil

Product Introduction

Color: Wood, Stone, Ral Color
Application: Door & Window, Decorations, Decorations, Door & Window, Heat Sink
Technique: Color Coated / Prepainted
Grade: 1000series / 3000series
Temper: O - H112
Surface Treatment: Color Coated

Product Parameter

Material: aluminum alloy A3003, A3005, A3105 Aluminum thickness: 0.12-1.5mm 
Width: 1220 mm or by customer's option Interior diameter: 505mm, etc
weight: 0.5-3.0T/coil or by buyer's option Surface treatment: PE/ PVDF/ FEVE/ HDPE coating

Color: white, silver, brown, beige, green, blue and other solid RAL colors, 

wooden grain, plain color, metallic, patterned, etc 

Dried and baked: oven baked at 450 degree F
Coating thickness: 24-26 micron Coating hardness: (pencil hardness) HB
Coating adhesive: no lower than first grade Impact resistance: no cracking and peeling (50kg/cm, ASTMD-2794: 1993)
Flexibility(T-bend): 7T or by your option MEK resistance: more than 100
Outer packing: wooden plate, covering with craft paper and film, Eye to Sky or wall to Sky packing.

Production Process


Packing & Shipping

1) Aircraft,automobile,train
2) Building wall,ceilings,furniture cabinet,lighting plate
3) Shipping plate,solar reflective plate,corner protector,insulation material
4) Beverage bottle,cap,ring-pull,cosmetics shell and cover
5) Electrical products shell,engineering machinery plate
6) PS baseplate,CTP baseplate,signs,nameplate
7) Alumimum tread/embossed plate,quenched and pre-stretched plate
8) Aluminum reefer containers and special containers,etc

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