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Steel Grating
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Product Introduction

General Introduction to Steel Gratings to Help You Know It Better

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The trench cover is made of steel grating and has a variety of models to choose from to suit different span loads and requirements. Widely used in different places such as municipal roads, garden facilities, residential quarters, schools, stadiums, etc. According to different usage occasions, the surface of trench (well) cover plates of different specifications and models can be hot dipped galvanized, cold galvanized (electroplated) or left untreated.


Galvanized Steel Grating as Platform Grating for Airports
Welded Steel Grating for Stair Treads, Walk Way, Platform and Various Floor
Riveted Grating Has High Load Capacity, Anti-slip Surface
Standard Steel Grating – Custom Sizes & Loads
Irregular Steel Grating with Special Shapes and for Special Use
Plug-Type Flat Steel Grating Sturdy and Beautiful
Stainless Steel Grating – 304 & 316 materials for Corrosive Projects
Press-Locked Steel Grating – Common, Integral, Louver, Heavy Duty
I Bar Steel Grating –Light Weight but High Strength
Heavy Duty Steel Grating Ensure Safety and Durable Life
Compound Steel Grating with Hot-Dip Galvanized
Serrated Welded Grating with High Bearing Capacity and High Security
Aluminum Grating – Your Ideal Choice for Indoor & Outdoor Decorations
Louver Steel Grating with High Strength, Wear Resistance and Anti-slip
Dense Welded Steel Grating, Flat Steel Space 12 mm or 20 mm

Bearing bar
25x3, 25x4, 25x4.5, 25x5, 30x3, 30x4, 30x4.5, 30x5, 32x5, 40x5,
50x5, 65x5, 75x6, 75x10,100x10mm etc;
I bar: 25x5x3, 30x5x3, 32x5x3, 40x5x3 etc
US standard: 1'x3/16', 1 1/4'x3/16', 1 1/2'x3/16',
1'x1/4', 1 1/4'x1/4', 1 1/2'x1/4', 1'x1/8', 1 1/4'x1/8',
1 1/2'x1/8' etc.
Bearing bar pitch
12.5, 15, 20, 23.85, 25, 30, 30.16, 30.3, 32.5, 34.3, 35, 38.1,
40, 41.25, 60, 80mm etc
US standard: 19-w-4, 15-w-4, 11-w-4, 19-w-2, 15-w-2 etc.
Cross bar pitch
38.1, 50, 60, 76, 80, 100, 101.6, 120mm, 2' & 4' etc
Material Grate
ASTM A36, A1011, A569, Q235, S275JR, SS304,
Mild steel & Low carbon steel, etc
Surface treatment
Black, self colour, hot dip galvanized, painted, spray coating
Grating Type
Plain / Smooth, Serrated /teeth, I bar, serrated I bar
China: YB/T 4001.1-2007, USA: ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88),
UK: BS4592-1987, Australia: AS1657-1985,
Germany: DIN24537-1-2006, Japan :JIS
-Rotation ways, channels, and platforms for pump rooms and engine rooms in various ships;
-Flooring in various bridges such as railway bridge sidewalks, over-bridges across the street;
-Platforms for oil extraction sites, car washing sites and air towers;
-Fencings for car-parks, buildings and roads; drainage trench covers and drainage pit covers for high strength .

Steel Grating

Steel Grating

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