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Let "be trustworthy, heavy self-discipline, abide by the rules" become a habit


For enterprises, self-discipline is a kind of attitude, a kind of consciousness, a kind of value. It requires companies not only to abide by the law but also to have a higher level of self-restraint. In the era of extensive growth, the self-requirements of "as long as you don't touch the bottom line of the law and the red line of environmental protection" and the behavior inertia of "skirting the ball" are not the meaning of self-discipline. Entering the new era, whether we do a good job of regional market self-discipline, international market self-discipline, or in the low-carbon environmental protection, resource security, merger and reorganization work rules, all require us to consciously mark the new stage of the new concept and new pattern of requirements, lock in a higher goal to cultivate oneself. Only in this way can we seize the initiative of development. Without self-discipline, industries and enterprises are unable to break free from the fetters of disorderly development, let alone high-quality development.

In the future, we should also be clear and firm on the road forever, grasp the subject of self-discipline in the new era and the new stage, concentrate on the effort for a long time, do a good job in the contemporary and long-term benefit of the work, so that "keeping faith, emphasizing self-discipline, abiding by the rules" effectively become a habit.

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