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How many steps does it take to advance the "analytical steel mill"?

How many steps does it take to advance the

As a new factor of production, data is the basis of digitalization, networking and intelligence. It has been rapidly integrated into production, distribution, circulation, consumption and social service management, profoundly changing the mode of production, lifestyle and social governance. It can be seen that the construction of data infrastructure is related to the overall situation of national development and security.

First, we should make good use of the stock data, which is a low cost, fast work. Second, let the product generate data, which is the most effective way to scale data and realize value quickly. Thirdly, the digitization of data assets should be promoted, which means that through the construction of digital twin space and virtual description of physical assets, various work can be carried out in virtual environment using software tools and data, and the risks and costs brought by uncertainty can be fundamentally eliminated. Fourth, integrate a wider range of data. In other words, the integration of full sample and full cycle data is pursued. The longer the process and the more elements, the higher the intrinsic value of data is carried. Fifth, data interaction, which is an important way to integrate data quality and quantity at a higher level. Sixth, the productization of data services, which is a higher stage of big data application, that is, the formation of higher professional ability of data application on the basis of business data, and the productization and differentiation of data service ability into a unique ability.

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